Natural Christmas

A simple Christmas, made of gifts and ornaments I’ve created myself using natural materials collected in the woods around my house. So it went. I created using raw materials at zero miles.
And I had fun especially with Christmas wreaths: I assembled different types of shrubs, evergreens and not, and it was very interesting to pull together shades and colors.
The result was some very simple, only with brown shrubs enriched by the lights, others with different shades of green (lime green, dark green, gray-green) all stolen from the many evergreens that fill of color woods and roads, and those more colorful, with red berries, wild apples or holly.


I must say that the more colorful is the one that gave me my mother, of course made entirely from her. I put on the bathroom door and I must say that the contrast between the bright colors of the berries and the gray of the door is remarkable. And once again we reiterated involuntarily a concept: while she loves the bright colors, I, even loving them very much, can not create anything with more than 3 or 4 shades of color, wether for illustrations or any other thing…


Per un’amica, che non ama i rossi, ho aggiunto a rami di olmo, lillà e arbusti selvatici un tocco di verde blu spento, semi di vitalba e una pianta di sempervivum tagliata dai miei vasi. Lei potrà semplicemente ripiantarla una volta che la ghirlanda sarà appassita.
For a friend, who does not like red, I added in the branches of elm, lilac and wild shrubs a touch of blue dull green, clematis and seeds of a sempervivum plant cut from my pots. She will simply replant it once the wreath will be dried.


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